The New Library seeks to unify the various campus buildings by presenting a melding of styles: the primary motif is neoclassical with rounded arches, an exterior tower, and pergola which frames a terrace at the back of the building.

Nestled in the hills of northeastern Oklahoma is a small Christian university with a big mission. The cornerstone of the campus is a 1930s mansion, designed by Edward Delk, planner of Kansas City's Plaza Shopping District.

At the entry to the Library, visitors are met by the four pillars of the school's beliefs, Christ, Scripture, Truth, and Wisdom. The pillars are incorporated into the design of the stair tower, which serves as the second means of egress from the second floor.

Once inside, visitors find an open, light-filled space with comfortable seating areas and study spaces around the perimeter of both the first floor and mezzanine levels.

Start and End Date: 2007- 2009

Contractor: McAnaw Construction