The Hilton Garden Inn sits in Downtown Bartlesville and serves as a convention center for the community. Using specifications from Hilton and the City of Bartlesville, Ambler Architects was able to create a hotel that features 100 rooms, indoor pool, and a large banquet facility.

The Hilton Garden Inn was designed to fit the Hilton brand standards, however, this hotel stands out among the rest. Due to the location in Downtown Bartlesville, this hotel also needed to follow the regulations regarding the unification of color and style in the downtown business district.

The hotel features 100 rooms through 5 floors, indoor pool, bar and restaurant, and a large banquet facility accommodating 500 for dinner or 1000 for classroom utilization. In front of the hotel, there is a small public plaza that creates a welcoming entrance for guests and downtown Bartlesville visitors.

Start and End Date: 2009- 2010

Contractor: Am-Bur Construction