The Bartlesville High School Freshman Academy created a unified campus for 9th through 12th grades, changing the school from a 3 grade school to a 4 grade school.

The Academy has a modern look and feel with a large curving glass window that overlooks the football field. It was built over the existing varsity locker rooms on the main high school campus and completes the stadium. It includes a large cafeteria that now hosts events and school dances, new kitchen, and classrooms for 9th and 10th grades.

This project creates a unified campus for 9th-12th grades, instead of splitting the two campuses between under and upper classmen. The project also changed the school from a 3 grade school to a 4 grade school. It allows the school district to save money in transportation and allows for a better transition for students through their high school career.

Start and End Date: 2013- 2015

Contractor: Nabholz